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We are the masters of Paid and Organic Growth

Though some businesses may have heard of Google Ads, remarkably few are using it to their full advantage. Google dominates the world of search engine marketing, accounting for a significant proportion of the world’s online searches, and generating vast organic traffic. However, sifting through pages of results means being found on Google isn’t always easy. When it comes to Pay-Per-Click advertising and boosting website traffic, Google Ads is an incredibly effective solution.

At Ellis Digital Media, we understand that navigating the complex world of Google Ads can be a challenge. We have managed marketing budgets of over £600,000 on behalf of our clients and have achieved impressive results – something we’re immensely proud of. See for yourself – take a look at our case studies (LINK).

With this experience and dedication, you can rely on Ellis Digital Media to handle your Google Ads, supported by a dedicated Google Account Manager and regular insightful reports.

Paid Ads

When it comes to paid ads, we don’t do things by half. Basic ads aren’t going to deliver the results you deserve, so we take the time to thoroughly research your business and your industry. We discover what your competitors are doing, analyse what’s working for them, and harness that information to ensure your paid ads reap rewards. With a specialist strategy bespoke to you, we’re able to target any goals that you may have, whether that’s driving traffic, generating leads and even boosting conversions. Many businesses make the mistake of shying away from paid ads, assuming that it’s a costly form of digital marketing. This isn’t the case – at Ellis Digital Media, we ensure that your cost per click remains stable and low at all times.

Organic Growth

In order to help your business achieve success online, we work hard to ensure that your Search Engine Optimisation is up to scratch. By creating bespoke strategies and staying ahead of the latest developments in SEO best practice, the Ellis Digital Media team focus relentlessly on boosting your website traffic and search engine rankings. We can also utilise paid ads as an additional method, and update your website regularly. When these are combined, powerful organic growth can be realised. At Ellis Digital Media, we understand that you want results, fast. Our team have the experience and passion to deliver these results, in the shortest possible time. We work to help your business stay at the top of its game – and the market!

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